Dr. Shi will maximize nonoperative treatment given your diagnosis and offer therapy program and possibly injections. After nonoperative treatment has failed, surgical management may be offered.


Dr. Lewis Shi treats the following diagnoses:

  • rotator cuff tear

  • impingement syndrome

  • labrum tear; SLAP tear

  • biceps tendon injury

  • acromioclavicular (AC) injury; shoulder separation

  • shoulder instability/subluxiation/dislocation

  • shoulder arthritis (ball and socket jocket)

  • cuff tear arthropathy; irreparable rotator cuff tear

  • nerve dysfunction (suprascapular nerve, axillary nerve, long thoracic nerve)

  • scapula winging

  • pectoralis muscle injury

  • scapulothoracic bursitis

  • shoulder/elbow fracture; chronic malunion/nonunion


Some of the procedures Dr. Shi performs include:

  • shoulder arthroscopy

    • rotator cuff repair

    • biceps surgery

    • acromioclavicular (AC) surgery

    • labrum/Bankart repair (anterior, posterior)

    • revision after prior surgery

  • Latarjet procedure (coracoid-transfer for instability)

  • total shoulder replacement¬†

  • reverse shoulder replacement

  • tendon transfers (pectoralis tendon transfer; latissimus tendon transfer)

  • revision shoulder surgery